I Am

May 30, 2008
I am a seed
Insignificant among the delicate
Meadow of flowers
But one day will grow to tower
Over the millions of blades of grass
I am the number 36
Even in my ways of fairness
But odd in my sense of priorities
Hoping to be unique while
Still blending in with the rest
I am a caterpillar
Right now bland against the colors of the leaves
But with time I will be the
Butterfly more beautiful than
Everyone's expecting me to be
I am purple
Deep and mysterious
A mixture of different things
Trying so hard to be noticed
I sometimes just blend with the background
I am a pencil
Seemingly useless and
Often unappreciated
But one day will outline the
Foundation for something incredible
I am a dusty book
Too long to read and
Shoved to the back of the shelf
All the while just wishing
That someone would try to know
What I have to say
I am hope
Hoping that someone would stop to care
Hoping that someone would listen
I am the hope that one day
I won't have to speak to faces turned away

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