June 24, 2010
By CiaraDawn BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
CiaraDawn BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
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This one for sure will be the death of me.
I think to myself. Echo’s through my head
So loud I might of said it aloud.
So I laugh. Cause I cant cry.
Sure the sense of nostalgia comes.
But the tears never run.
And sometimes I wish they would.
I loved you before I knew you.
Laying your head on my lap.
Silent. Sleeping. Beautiful.
This just confirms it.

I welcome denial. I usher it in.
Wanting it to erase what’s within
I want a fairy tale. Are you it?
No chance.
You ask if there’s regret. I say of course.
This misery. You the source.
My heart says I miss you. But my mind say F*** you.
You joke about forever.
But forever sounds better than never.
If you don’t want me. Leave me.
Let me be. My heart started warming
I chose to over look the warning.
Must have wanted the known outcome.
Laying your head on my lap.
My fingers through your hair.
Silent. Sleeping here, Beautiful.
Confirmed my fear.

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