Black Scar to Divide

December 14, 2007
By Kyle Widenski, Nashotah, WI

Ending now a relationship that could’ve last,
For who knows how long.
Late nights with thousands of stars,
Laying and saying anything feels alright.
I can say that I have, sat late at night.
To once again find the star
Shining after the sun goes down.

Is this the most I’ve come to lose?
There’s a little black, dark scar to divide
Not allowing such a thing to exist.
This is all that I have come to lose.
Can she hear me, and does she ever feel alone.
I know because when she cried
Her tears filled the room with chill

The sad heart was buried alive,
To call out in a moment of need.
But swallowing pride and not looking back
Only hurt more to know that
She was calling to arms of another.
When I wake, she never knows that
I wake to her heart beating in and out.

She stopped time, took me for a journey,
Gave me the best and fastest ride.
And I still look back knowing that I can
Feel her heart, as she was my only.
I lay awake with a look in my eye
Asking God if this wish was too big to deny.

When I can’t go on, I think of the wish.
The one that came true, but now my only fear.
Been years and yet the wish never disappeared.
I now know that I’m unknown in the life,
Time hasn’t slipped by like it did.
So hear me please, as I tell of the heart
One that had a thunderous sound.

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