June 30, 2010
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Words, Words can change your perspective
it can change something small to massive

Words can hurt you the way she hurt me by just saying
three littel words "it it over" "we are threw" or "lets be friends"

I never knew how much words can hurt until i met her
a battle of words has formed between the two of us
hearing wich one will hurt the most,mine was less painful
hers was most powerful

In an instint i left then she did.
The word "Over" kept repeating over and over in my head

I knew that i could not look at her the same
so i went home and cut out all her pictures from my frame

she tried to apoligize but all i could hear was her hurting lies
so for all the people that dont think words can hurt trust me it does

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bakedbeans said...
Aug. 12, 2010 at 10:36 pm
comment please thanks
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