Knowledge is Not the Key

June 17, 2010
By Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
Michaelaa SILVER, Granada Hills, California
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Maybe someday I'll learn to trust myself.

People read because they think it makes you smarter. It doesn’t. If it did then I’d have straight A’s, and I’d probably care about life. But it doesn’t matter how much you read or how many books, it’s how you interpret it. I’ve read many books, but I always seem to understand the meanings in a negative way. I read a book once, that was supposed to convince you to be afraid of name calling and violence and guns. But instead, it influenced me and gave me ideas. I read it over fifty times, and got the same meanings out of it. Is it just me, or does every other person that opened the book feel that way too?
Movies. Allot of them have some form of smoking, or drinking, or sex in them, and don’t say anything against it. Are we really supposed to think nothing of this? Sometimes it means something to kids. They think they’re being told to do ‘illegal’ stuff. But no one ever tells you not too until it’s too late. And if they do they don’t really give you a reason not to. Your just raised to know it’s wrong. Parents act as if it’s implied not to do these things in life. But the truth is that everyone thinks that way at one point whether they decide to do it or not, doesn’t really matter, because we all think it anyway. I just don’t find much point in anything. [I hear a kid making duck noises, and I don’t really care. Should I?] A bunch of people whispering in class because the teacher can’t hear them. Everyone having there tiny little conversations, and I’m just sitting here, and listening. My mind absorbs every single thought, I can replay them on my lonely walk home from school. I listen over and over again, waiting to uncover the meaning of drama. Is it a word, or an event that tragically impacts your life? People; are they something special, or just a waste of space? Leaves, they help the environment, but why? Why do we let this world survive? When we can end it right here. Do people really value there life. That’s a horrible thing to worry about everything that happens in your life. How will it impact you, and when? Is it that much of a mystery? After Hitler planned to kill all of the Jews, I’m sure that he would find some kind of hatred in another group. And then eventually it’ll be only his German soldiers and his followers. They would break off into more groups more rulers will be formed. And eventually they’ll be the only ones left, until there’s a Last Man Standing, and he will die out, extinction takes over again. Mutations in creatures will occur some millions of years later, humans will take over again. And some wise man will start chaos, as Hitler did not so long ago. Hopefully one day this movement will be successful, the end. Bombs will go off everywhere, not even the tiniest fungi will survive. Not chance of life will live for millions of years. Nothing can stand, but…dust. Dust will be left, we became dust over hundreds of years. Some people call them ashes, because they know where they came from. But they live the same lifestyles as dust. Just more classifications of life. No system actually works, and this proves that. It proves that no body deserves to live, and that it’s pointless.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write a book, but ran out of things to say. This is part of it.

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