June 16, 2010
By kitdae BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
kitdae BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
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Such a beautiful lie, this life she leads,
Unknown to all, perfection at its best,
Life at its best, the popularity she feeds,
Walking along, high above the rest,
Caring for none, even those she needs,
Not knowing that it all could end.

One day it all seems the same,
Never guessed the death that cried out,
Who knew that she was to blame,
She did not know what the commotion was about,
Until the ambulance that came
Dragged her along to its’ destination.

A cold wind blew in the silence that followed shock,
She winced and the sight before her eyes,
Her mother, around whom the paramedics seemed to flock,
In a sickly silence, a daughter cries,
A medic shakes his head, turns to the clock,
Who knew how hard a time could hit?

The following week, a black parade down a road,
A solo stone in a field of green,
A silent moment following a code,
The area that was such an unwanted scene,
As an old car drives down a road,
She thinks, “Maybe if I wasn’t so mean,
Nothing would have happened.”

And life moves on, like nothing went wrong that day,
She moves along, continuing on will alone,
Not a doubt in her mind that what she will say
Will mask whatever sadness that is prone
To a shattered heart left by a mother gone away
Who knew words could be that cruel?

Hiding her tears,
Living a lie,
Burying her fears,
Letting her dreams fly,
Lying to her peers,
As life resumes its’ normal routine.

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