Why depression?

Why is it your depressed?
Why do you want to take it out on our family?
Why do you sit and look like your dieing?
You make everyone else around feel bad and horrible,
Just like you.
Why do you insist on being the *** when you know you can change it?
You say oh no one cares oh no one loves me
Why do you say that?
Why do you say that and make everyone around you feel worthless.
What about your husband who has loved you through thick and thin?
What about him, how do you think he feels when he comes home and hear no one cares?
What about your kids, how do you think they feel when their around and they see you down and miserable and irritable?
What about them, why would you want to make them feel like nothing like their just bothering you?
You need to open your eyes and see were all here for you, loving you.
You need to quit making everyone live the hell your going thru.
You need to quit your yelling and screaming and crying.
You need to quit all your complaining and ****.
You need to look and see that life could be happy but your unwilling.
So why, why not look, why not see.

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