June 23, 2010
By Patriot SILVER, Athens, Georgia
Patriot SILVER, Athens, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose
- Jim elliot

Simper Fi
The will to die
he and she gave their lives for me
the will to fight
all day and all night
in air, over land, and sea
they are the protectors of tomorrow
for surely today shall not last
they are the holders of the future
that come from a chain of warriors in the past
though some may hate them
look down on
and at them even scream
but through integrity, service, and excellence
troops still find the means
with bullets flying
and blood flowing to the ground
medics rush to patch up their comrades
who lie mangled all around
He knows the welfare of his country
on him and rest like him it relies
into the jaws of hell he storms
knowing he has laid it all on the line
there are many branches of our protectors
but all emerge from one tree
a tree that was watered with the blood
of those who sought true liberty
the liberty that made a country
so worth dying for
a letter and a folded flag for parents
would come knocking at the heroes door
you could say the enemy never saw it coming
it never made a sound
when the pilot in that b-52
dropped their headstones into the ground
because no matter what it takes
victory is the goal
for this country none the less
is his country too
and its people is why he fights
the freedom of me and you
some to the write letters
some poems and others songs
but those who died in the field
is where the name a true hero
truly belongs
for to put on the uniform
is a privileged but dangerous task
all must write their wills to loved ones
incase they don't come back
and when those dogs down those troops
those bastards who snicker and jeer
i pray for the moment they ask themselves
do we really want the battle over here
for it was here on this land
our countries battle began
and waged the tides of war all these years
and once again
we've take a stand
to fight terror at its feat
in a nightmare of sand
that four passenger planes began
the enemy tried to bring the heat
they lit up the sky
in an infernal cry
that was overcome with shrapnel and debris
the first time in sixty years
that an attack soaked us in blood and tears
had come unto the Land of the Free
and the slumbering giant awoke once again
to attack and defend
refusing to fall upon its knees
with the stench of death
from the shattered bodies that were left
were carried out into the seas
and though the old battlefield
is now green and tall with grass
it goes to show
american heroes
can sure whoop some a**

The author's comments:
troops everyday offer their lives for our freedom. unfortunatley, there are people who go to the funerals of some of these soldiers yelling and BASHING their sacrifice! Who does that? If you don't support their cause i say your not an American. this is to the troops of all branches of military. those who fought in the past, those in the present, and those aspiring to be.

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