The Four Letter Word

June 16, 2010
By pinkshorty SILVER, Denair, California
pinkshorty SILVER, Denair, California
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The four letter word love has turned into just that.
Love has become just another word without any meaning.
Even curse words have more meaning and depth at times then love.
Love used to mean a deep sincere thing you say to the one you wanna spend your whole life with.
Now its used everyday just as simple as another word from the dictionary.
What’s happened to the depth and sincerity that that word has meant?
People have used that word and the sentence I love you so out of contex.
Now the word has even more meanings with less value than it did awhile back.
Older ones who know about the value of true love look at us and shake their heads because weve taunted it so much.
Most of us are all living in the day in the now not looking at the future and seeing whats in store.
So with that the once valued word of LOVE, has just turned into another four letter word.

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