Losing the Loved Ones

February 27, 2010
By J-Kobe SILVER, Amherst, Virginia
J-Kobe SILVER, Amherst, Virginia
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When you lose a loved one, your heart sinks inside, your body and soul goes with them, leaving you emptier then an old conch shell, your vague memories blind real life from existence, leaving you depressed,
to the core of which your love one would fill, the empty chair that your loved one used to sit, the breath of air your loved one would inhale, the memories only your loved one would remember, leaving shadows and mysteries in your life, the loved one did, leaving tears in your eyes the loved one did, never giving you a chance to say goodbye, your loved one did,
mentally paralyzing you from moving forward in life, resenting others around you, forgetting the important things in life, a hatred for the loved one who left, but loving the times the loved one gave you before leaving,
the thing that ignites the fire inside you, the one thing that hurts inside, is that the only way you can see the loved one, Is by going to a funeral

The author's comments:
I've felt this kinda feeling before, and i wanted to express it,i hope you like it.

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