She's NOT Perfect

June 12, 2010
By Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
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Perfect smile
Nicest eyes
Perfect hair
All the guys
Wish I was her
And not me
I want her
But then one day
She had a few
And she woke up
Without a clue
With marks on her body
She's left ton her stoop
And no one at school
Was out of the loop
Who's cool now?
Still want to be her?
Nope, there's someone
Else I prefer
I want to be me
I'll accept my flaws
And learn to love
Who I am because
There's more to a girl
Than a pretty face
Or being something
The guys will chase
Jealousy is a waste
Of energy
And it is no
Surprise that she
Is where she is
Senior year
And that has made
One thing clear
People look perfect
From the outside
But you have no clue
What they have to hide
So work with your talent
Live your dream
And keep in mind
Things aren't how they seem.

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