Haste Makes Waste

June 11, 2010
By Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
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I want to feel love
Like I've never felt.
When he says, "I love you",
I want to melt.
To often those words
are insincere
And you think
It's what he wants to hear.
OR perhaps they are
Said out of fear.
In hopes that it
Will keep him near.
So fictitiously you rush
Then three brave words.
And even to you
They sounds absurd.
But you think that's the only
Way he'll stay.
So you aimlessly babble
The words away.
And you know that you don't
Really feel it.
And too many times
You force to heal it.
But using persuasion
to gain one's affection
Is like having a
never ending infection.
And the pills and creams
You use to cure it
Are failed attempts
That won't ensure that
The wound will ever
Fully heal
But foolishly you refuse
To face what's real.
It's like replacing sugar
With aspartame.
They taste alike
But they're not the same.
The chemical only
Psyches the brain out
While the sugar
satisfies without a doubt.
So before you announce
You've fallen in love,
Consider the points
Mentioned above.

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