molly's christmas adventure

June 10, 2010
Molly’s Christmas adventure

As molly walked through town that day,
She smiled at everyone and gave presents away.
For Christmas was that special time
when Santa’s bells begin to chime.
And though some ladies snickered and sneered
Go home kid get outta’ here!
Do you really believe those juvenile tales?
Santa is a prop for retail sales!
And that made molly really ponder,
Is really true that Santa doesn’t wander?
Does he really not give one measly gift
In hopes a child’s heart might lift?
Could the story of Santa not be true?
This is a thought that left molly blue.
But through it all she said we’ll see
In hopes he’d slide down her chimney
As Molly laid down to rest
She pulled the covers over her chest
A tear slipped down her tiny face
Leaving a trail of water in it’s place.
The ho ho she heard made her jump to the floor
She looked out the window and sprang to the door
She dashed down the stairs
Through the kitchen she went,
She looked to her candle the flame a glint
She peeked at the tree popcorn all strung,
She reached at the chimney where her stocking was hung.
Her ears open wide, wide as a nickel,
She sat there and waited ‘till she felt a small tickle.

She turned around she was sharp as knife ‘till she saw who it was, st. Nick and his wife.
Ho ho ho he said his smile so jolly
You’ve been so good you’re a special girl molly
He gave her a hug and was off in a blink
But he didn’t forget to give a small wink!
That moment she had proved them all wrong
She sat and he=she hummed her favorite chrismas song
And though those ladies don’t believe,
Believing is somethin

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