The destination

October 17, 2007
By megan tuchman, Parkland, FL

The destination of this trip was one no one could find.
It could have been in the sea
Or on land.
Maybe even in the future
Possibly the past.
All he wanted to know was where.
No one knew.
Only the strongest believers would find out.
Take the straight path
Or the curvy?
The rainbow could tell them
Or even the compass.
It was a place of happiness.
The destination was untold
But he wanted to know.
Where was it hiding?
He didn’t know.
Is it important?
It’s full of happiness.
A place to think.
Was it ever wondered where?
By whom?
Was it in a secret mine?
A special building?
A secret layer?
A fun nightmare?
A freaky dream?
An invisible plane?
Searching all over earth
For the “destination”
Of the happiest place on earth.
I know.
Of course,
Your imagination.

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