The good Side

June 7, 2010
By Anonymous

My Grandma is in the mental hospital because she thought of commiting suicide. My Grandma is also always getting very drunk and doing stuff that she shouldn’t be doing, but his time she had crossed the line with crazy ideas. My family couldn’t chance this one and we didn’t want her to hurt herself at all. I feel really scared because mental Illness is in my blood and I am hoping that i don’t get into a mental hospital because I think or do dumb things.

My grandma is not only hurting herself she is also hurting my family and even the people that are around. She smokes and drinks all the time so i don’t get to see her that often because of her bad smoking and drinking habits. I haven’t seen her in about a year now and I hope to get to see her soon when she gets out of the mental hospital. I am really hoping that the mental hospital is going to help her so once she gets out of it I get to see her every chance that I get to.

My grandma smoking and drinking like that is a big problem because when I was born my grandma came to watch but when she came she came totally drunk and with a cigarette in her hand so my dad had to kick her out. that really bumbed me out a lot because she is my grandma. On the other side I guess it was a good thing because I might have been different if she was smoking in the room because that would be the first scent that I smell, and i don’t want that.

Hopefully she doesn’t effect anyone more than it effects me because i want people to see her good side and realize that she is a nice person.

Every time that I have seen her and talked to her she has been the nicest person to me. I just want people to notice that. Even though i haven’t seen her in a while she is still the nicest person in the world because to be nice she will send me Amazing postcards saying how much she loves me. She is even broke and on every single holiday she will send me an Amazing postcard that has fifty dollars in it and she is even broke, that is how i can tell that she is the nicest person in the world to me. just by those nice cards i can tell that she rally loves me and she has an amazing side of her that no one seems to find.

Atleast somebody put her in a mental hospital quick because she would have probably committed suicide and that would ruin everyones lives, especially mine. My Grandma also has a little dog named GiGi and she is the nicest dog and if my Grandma would have committed suicide than that poor dog would have been left alone and i would have to take care of the poor dog. If she had committed suicide than every time that i would take a peek at her dog then i would keep thinking of my grandma.

After she is done with the mental hospital she will be just a nice person and not drink or smoke and do bad things so i will get to see her more and we will both have an even better life and so will her dog.

My Grandma is the nicest person on the planet but you just have to find her good side!

The author's comments:
it signifies the good side of people

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