That Perfect Love

June 6, 2010
By ItsMeMatt SILVER, Conyers, Georgia
ItsMeMatt SILVER, Conyers, Georgia
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You showed me that your love is not yet ready
Too selfish and confused and cares nothing for me
Yet you tell me you love me witha smile from ear to ear
And I smile backa nd say "I love you too" even through my stress that you wouldn't hear

You'd be confused, ask questions and change the conversation you you again
I'd bite my tounge quietly and be lost looking for someone to take command
I found that person not in any woman but an ALMIGHTY man
A man who has a true word and it gives me something on which to stand
His words are like a light at mey feet to show me the path
Not a new path but an old way and hand to firmly grasp

He can take me out of the darkness and into the light
He even promised me that he'd fight all my fights
He promised me peace and eternal lifelife with love happiness
and without strife
He build his promise on a rock that will not soon budge

He showed me how people spit and lied in his face
And they would trust him and they called him a disgrace
He showed me to love and how to forgive
How to live and let live
He taught me of his father both righteous an just
and his arm he could kill you with just one thrust
Your life is but dust that he would wipe away
But he has seen for you all to live another day
So I intened to pray and give praise
That i get another day to live and get it right
That one day I be pleasing in his sight

He wants me to get it right and live like his son
I pray to do so and he says "servent well done"
So i can go see his face in perfect peace
But i have to wait until wisdom, understanding and love increase
That he fill me with his spirit that i walk better and righteous
And able to keep my head high above those who despise us
Ofcourse I'm not alone I have my brothers and sisters
His preachers teachers and ofcourse his ministers
Who labor in his gospel thats was set up berofere the foundation
of the wolrd we know
That our knowledge and grace might grow

This love is so perfect I dont need you anymore
Now i have something to be attached to
And this is the sign that my heart finally left you
I still love you just not a much
I might even give you a hug or even a touch
It might not last long if you dont like what i have
I'd cut our friendship at the root and not even leave halves
I'd give all of it or at least whats left
Then turn around and keep running with deft

You'd think I was heartless I'd look like my heart was left intact
But I'd runt hrough the pain of a split in heart but only a crack
The lord is a healer thats just room for one other
One more sister minister or brother

I have not yet left you but I'm on my way out
You could sit there and watch or follow me out

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