The Love that Died

June 6, 2010
By ItsMeMatt SILVER, Conyers, Georgia
ItsMeMatt SILVER, Conyers, Georgia
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There once was a time when "I love you" really meant something
But now your affection seems to mean nothing
The times we spent dreaming of lives together
then forever became for-never

When we talked for hours and told each other sweet nothings
And we fought and it just became nothing
When we poured out our hearts of "I'm sorry"
And we make promises to each other of things to far to see

I gave you my heart and you just stared at me my eyes wide hoping
Gave me nothing i took it in stride hoping to get yours one day
Instead you left me and asked if you could give it to another
And you keep coming back licking you wounds about your selfish lover

I try to keepy ou out of my heart but you keep coming back
You have the key to pick the locks and leave your worries like tacks
I can't help steping on them but i keep my mouth shut
Even as you rip hole in the walls and leave the door wide shut
I think i change the locks so you can't get back in
But you walk right back in and tell me you love me to take my heart for a spin

The pain hurts so much that i feel it as my heart beats and everyday a little slower
Until it mbeats once a minute til it is no more
You'll look in my coffin and say "I love you" one last time
Before you realizse the funeral was not mine
It was yours in my life that you'll find me no more
My compassion gone and my heart has no door

You won't even notice that you've been eveicted
That you strangled our love as if a boa had caught it and constricted
Until it died without a last word even a stare
Because it was ashamed how you left it bare
You left it no warmth or will to stay live
Because you took it all and left it deprived

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