My First Pet

May 22, 2010
By Levina_M GOLD, Some City, Texas
Levina_M GOLD, Some City, Texas
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- Mark Twain

I remember my first pet
It was colorful and wet
It lived in a bowl
But it was not a mole
It was fish
Not like the dish
This fish had a name
Which I must claim
Was quite lame
But none the less he had a name
Sebastian was his name
He would swim and eat
And swim and greet
Me so sweet
And swim and well swim some more
We were the best of friends
At least on my end I did adore
However, like most love
My dove
Did fly off

It was when I came home
That I ran to see him in his little dome
I dropped my bags
But as I drew closer to the tank
My lip began to sag
He was not swimming joyfully
Actually he was nowhere to be found
I looked all around
Up and down
Even tipped over the plastic gold crown
My breath became short
I need some to support
I was just about to throw a fit
When I must admit
I saw a piece of poor Sebastian’s tail
Next to my neighbor’s cat
I want to wail
As the cat licked it paws
Oh so satisfied
With a kick in it’s stride
And a smug hint in its pride
I threw the cat out of my house
I cried
For days
My parents tried to help
But it was no use
On time could mend
The pain I felt towards my deceased friend
I moped
And scoped for hope
It wasn’t until one faithful evening
That my heart filled with glee
For on my table
Swam a new little fishy just for me

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