Now That It Has Happened

October 25, 2007
By Stephanie caley, Vicksburg, MI

It didn’t seem like this would ever happen
Now that it has its amazing.
You made me fall for you so fast
And it’s great because I know this will last.

No one else in this world
Could ever compare
You are so perfect
And so is this love we share

I don’t think you could ever truly understand
How special you are
Now you’re my present and my future
You’ll never be my past
By the way you look at me
I know this will last.

I know it’s not how we both
Want it to be
But one day it will
And everyone will see.

I wish I could explain
All my love I have to give
And now that I have you
You are my will to live

My world was hazy
Until you came along
From the moment it happened
I knew this time I wasn’t wrong.

So you see baby you ask me
To tell you how I feel
But this is the best way I can
For you to believe it’s really real

So please don’t have doubts and
Defiantly don’t be sad
Because I wouldn’t be so stupid
To give up the best I’ve ever had

So I promise to give you
Everything I have to give
I’ll do anything for you
As long as I live

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