June 3, 2010
By cutiepie14 BRONZE, Secaucus, New Jersey
cutiepie14 BRONZE, Secaucus, New Jersey
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Love isn't finding someone you can live's finding someone you can't live without...

It’s the way I live my life and
My daily escape
From the hectic world around me.
When I stand there,
Weather it’s in front of a mirror,
Or an auditorium full with a sea of people,
I feel safe with that microphone
I feel free with the music around me.

I was seven
And sitting with my older cousin
In the back room of my grandmothers house.
She was listening to an upbeat song
And singing along to every word.
She had a huge smile upon her face.
It was obvious with one look that she was ecstatic.
I wanted to feel that too.

The lights are dim.
The music is just above a hum.
The seats are filling up one by one
With many unfamiliar faces.
My stomach jumps and flips
Like a school girl
On the first day of school.

The curtain opens
And I’m suddenly in the spotlight.
Seeing her face in the front row
Makes everything so much better.
It’s my turn to shine

With out music,
Life would be nothing.
Not just for me,
But for the entire world.
Birds would not sing their beautiful songs.
Mothers would not lull their babies to sleep.
Life would be almost meaningless
When I finally get off stage,
Into the darkness behind the curtain,
I feel accomplished.
Singing for me is
And meaningful.

My grandmother is my inspiration.
She inspires me everyday.
She pushes me to do my best at everything.
She is always at my performances,
Front and center,
Cheering me on from her seat with wheels.
I love her more than the world.
She is the reason I sing.
She is my inspiration.

The author's comments:
I love my grandma

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