Taunted Obsession

October 25, 2007
Met under the bright light,
Taken away by your beautiful sight.
April showers poured into my heart,
May flowers still yet to bloom.

Two tests later,
Anxiety crept up,
And began to crescendo,
In its mysterious, hideous form.
I can still see the eyes
In the back of your head,
That pierce me from a distance.
I can still see your smile
When you dream at night,
When I die a little more inside.

Your breath of fresh air,
Is my breath cut too short.
Your enjoyment is my pain.
Your words drip distain.
Add her to the list,
Right under my name.
Let her share the tears, the laughter, the shame.

But I cared,
And I can't hold on anymore.
Slip, slip, losing grip.
Can't hold on anymore.

All I do is miss you,
All I do is love you,
All I do is hate you.
You make me scream,
You make me ill.
This agony I must kill.

But I cared.
This spark has died,
Love no longer shared.
But I cared.
But I cared

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