Castle in The Forest

October 25, 2007
There is a castle in the forest hidden behind the trees
But only to the imaginative eye can one truly see
The castle is maybe forgotten or maybe just uncared
But once upon a time it could have held splendor in its bear.

You can chose to say that is housed an enchanted princess girl
And it was with her beauty that the prince far away was lured
But one must not always believe magic of olden tales
Because in this story, their relationship did not prevail.

Or perhaps this castle was home to a foul wickedly witch
Who chose to slumber away in her hideaway homely glitch
For this wasn’t a home for a woman of her appearance
So the charm of this home caused her to make a disappearance.

I believe that no princess or witch could have ever lived there
But instead just a girl, a plain girl, lived the castle a flare
She lived her life there without stepping foot off the castle grounds
But never experienced life like she could really have found.

So choose what you want to believe truly fits best
The girl, the foul witch, or a prince and his princess
Or maybe the castle isn’t your believing
So you’ll go on living without really seeing.

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Jacy-Lee said...
Jun. 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm
Excellent poem. I especially like the beginning of it. It's rich in detail as well which makes it more realistic to the reader.
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