My Gangsta Rap

June 5, 2010
By eglantine GOLD, Huntsville, Alabama
eglantine GOLD, Huntsville, Alabama
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a robe. you know... a backwards snuggie.

Now this is a rap 'bout my bro and my pap
playin baseball in the yard
of the house
in the back

actin' like he's a pro, pitchin the ball
he don't know that he knows nothin' at all

i'm watchin here while the dandylion's bloomin
and gotta listen to that stereo boomin

standin' on the swimg set with plenty of cheer
just don' know why they keep scowlin' over here

that boy right there needs to shut his plumbin
cause here's the Lord's rapper at the second comin'

now look at that throw
what, that's a pitch?
if he's not careful
it'll be in the ditch

my pap yellin' loud says he better pay attention
but he don't know i've got plans for his detention

starin' ain't nice especially at a rapper
whose poem's gonna rock despite of her papper.

my face is gonna rock the front of a magazine
after of course, i get a shiny black limozine

oh man, that ball is flyin for grabs
but the pitcher's distracted, lookin at my (cough) abs

that big head needs to climb out of the gutter
ha that'd be funny if i smeared it in butter

well as you can see my skills are superb
even if my rappin wreaks a little perturb

now i gotta come in, i'm kicked out of the park
the general consensus was that i should -- disembark

they got no skill in appreciation
of the gangsta rappa girl who's grippin the nation

now this is a rap 'bout my bor and my pap
playin baseball in the yard
of the house
in the back

The author's comments:
i'm venting

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