Why I love my jeans

October 25, 2007
By Asia Perry, Bolingbrook, IL

I love my jeans, because they’re perfect for me.
They hug my body tight, and fit my frame real nice.
They’re not baby phat, apple bottoms, Levis, lucky brand,
Express or Abercrombie. But they’re still just right for me.
They don’t wear and tear too easily, they’re not too tight
Or too loose, or too short. They’re just right, and if I didn’t
Have my jeans itd be a sad day for me. I wear my lovely jeans
Everywhere I go. They follow me to the show, to the mall,
Games, arcades, and more. Me and my jeans are inseparable,
We are. And because I wear them so much people can always
Recognize me from afar. They keep me warm in winter, and
Cool in summer. They never fade, or stain, and dry quick.
No other jeans are like mine, they feel great on my behind,
and make it look big and perky which is great. I sometimes
think it’s why I get so many dates. I love my jeans, I really do,
and I know if you had my jeans you would too.

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