A Typical Morning at 6:35AM

October 24, 2007
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Waking Up in the Morning

A click hits my ear,
And then the sounds of cheerful people talking,
The radio,
My alarm.

I hit the sleep button angrily,
It’s six thirty five in the morning,
For Gods sake! Hasn’t anyone ever heard of beauty rest?
Eight more minutes ‘til my alarm goes off again…

Six forty three.
I’m not even going to press the sleep button.
I flick the alarm switch to OFF.

Getting Dressed

What am I going to wear today?
So many choices to choose…
But never enough choices,
I have nothing I like…

Sweatpants and a waffle shirt-NO
I wore that last week!
Black leggings and a short little dress,
Hmmm… I don’t really think it flatters me…

Maybe those adorable gray jeans,
With one of my new shirts…
Oh and my new shoes!!!!
Never mind, that looks bad…

Take it all off and start again.

Hair Must be Perfect!

Hair is annoying,
We should all just cut it off and be done with it,
And yet, we sit in our bathrooms,
Styling, undoing, crunching, straightening.

Hours and hours and hours of hair.
And dollars and dollars of products,
And it never really looks right,
Always too flat, too thick, too greasy, too dry.

Some days, I long to go to school,
With ugly, imperfect hair,
Just to make a statement,
To show that it doesn’t matter…

But I’m afraid of what people will say.

At Last I’m Out the Door!

My hair styled as straight as I could make it,
My outfit adorable,
And my eyes droop with every step,
What is the point of all this?

The point of school is to learn,
Yet I have to wake up so early that I can’t think,
I spend so much energy trying to look perfect,
And for what?

I get in the car and think,
I have to do the same thing again tomorrow.

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