Ella’s Luck

October 24, 2007
By Rutu Shah, Congers, NY

Once there was a confused princess named Ella
She was too charming and sweet like vanilla

While her perfume smelled fruity
Everyone saw her beauty

Since she was such a cutie
Being pretty was her duty

Ella got up everyday
In the morning of each May

To see a stunning white day
That looked like a filled seashore bay

The maids would greet merrily
As animals sing voluntarily

Though there was an envious neighbor
Whose job was to play the tabor

Hating the fact that she did much labor
A ploy was made to kill Ella with a saber

The ugly neighbor called Grace
Made herself a ghost face

Ella was walking fast with much pace
Looking at the forest dreaming in space

Grace attacked quickly from behind
Though Ella had a confused mind

Ella thought she was being kind
So she looked at Grace inclined

The saber twirled without success
It seemed to cause a lot of stress

However Ella thought she was blessed
Until Ella’s arm was a big mess

Though Grace forgot the forest animals did not like blood
So the mythical creatures swooped and made a large thud

Many jasmines and petunias peeked through its bud
The evil neighbor was dead by the animal flood

Ella was bought by the creatures to the healing spring
That worked when given the right answer to the thing

The spring asked them, “What goes around and around but never stops?”
The spider guessed a road runner and the squirrel of a bunny hop

Bimbo the deer presumed the answer to be a stop and shop
But the wise owl guessed a circle and the spring beamed with a plop

The phoenix helped Ella drink the water with care
So she gulped it down rapidly with so much air

The wound restored itself showing her skin color fair

Ella stood confused and went home without despair

The forest animals ran back to their protection
In good spirits toward all different directions

Dead Grace was taken by the Gods
Ella had overcome the odds

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