June 2, 2010
By xXandrewXx SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
xXandrewXx SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
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You crate them
You live them
There gone
With a blink of an eye you have them
Another they’re gone.
A memory murderer.
Why were they taken? Where did they go?
The thief of memory.
Your loved ones.
They are here, but now they are gone.
So many People have lost their memories.
What once was hear is now lost.
Slowly some memory’s return
But with a blink of an eye their gone again.
It could begin as early as 60 years old
And it can rob you of your youth.
Because of this thief
I am a stranger to my grandmother
And her memory of me won’t be returned.
She’s not living,
She’s existing
And as the memory robber continues to steal
The existence of my family and I will slowly be erased
Thought by thought.
She gets flashes of memory
Which brings tears of joy to her eyes?
Alzheimer’s steals her memory
Then moves to her body functions.
She can’t eat, she can’t walk.
Someday she won’t be able to simply breathe?
Alzheimer’s. The memory thief has taken it all.
Now I die.
It kills the knowledge.
But knowledge kills Alzheimer’s.

The author's comments:
Well if you read my poem you can tell that it is a poem about my grandmother and the alzthimers that shwe has, it is somewhat personal so please no hateful comments. thanks.
Also it might not sound so great but that is because it is supost to be a spoken word poem.

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