This is a poem to my twin Peter

October 23, 2007
By Alex McNeely, Culver, IN

This is a poem to my twin Peter
Whom I have never meet
Whose presence seems known
Throughout the room of darkness
Without any lights to see
Boneless in despair, I feel lost within myself,
I do not understand.
The twin I have never known
Lingers around the room and
Anticipation runs in my veins and
Though my heart where I feel
Fear, and fear to me is nothing.
Did you ever know mom? Or dad?
Or even Zach?
You seem to not be me at all
As if I would be in a
Different life, take my hand long
Lost twin who I meet now.
So I write this poem for life,
My unknown self, Twin, age 17
Going on 18.

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