Sad Love Story

June 1, 2010
By Giggles94 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Giggles94 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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A girl should be so lost in God, that if a guy wants to be with her he must know God first.

This is the story of a girl who did not appreciate what she had
It is why her love story turned out to be miserably sad

It all started when she met the most perfect guy ever
And as she is writing this, she wished it could have lasted forever

He meant the world to her; it is why she could not call him her man
He saved her from sad ending love stories, she called him her Superman

And every Superman has a Damsel in Distress
His heart told him she was different from the rest

They dreamed of the day they would be pronounced husband and wife
Strangely the Damsel could not see that Superman was the love of her life

Like in all love stories, something went wrong
And sadly their story did not last long

Foolishly, the Damsel left her Superman, she walked away
Not knowing that she would soon regret the choice she has made

Not to long after, the Damsel realized she had made a mistake
Unfortunately, regretting her decision was already too late

Superman loved her, but she had hurt him too much
He feared that again his heart would get crushed

Superman flew away and since then has never returned
All he did was love her, even though it was not what she deserved

As time passed by Superman had moved on
At times the Damsel cannot accept that her Superman is gone

This great love story could have created another beautiful chapter
Due to the Damsel’s ignorance there never will be a “Happily Ever After”

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