Endless Addiction

October 23, 2007
"I can taste whiskey on your breath tonight.
It’s a seductive disease.
Take another shot; do I look good enough for you yet?
Its that certain lust and a yearn for the past.
You can’t seem to call me when you’re sober so please become more addicted than you are now.
It’s a sweet obsession.
Your eyes are full of red..
I can smell the distinct smoke on your shirt when I get close.
Roll up another, then we’ll go back to my place.
You can get your fix than I’ll get mine.
Rehabilitate my heart from the yesterdays heartaches you caused.
Place a new sensation on your tongue and wash it down.
I’ll just wait a few minutes;
Your mind won’t recall everything tomorrow.
Scratch our itch of pleasure.
Old habits are hard to break.
We all have our addictions; it’s just your mine."

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