The Dream'

October 22, 2007
By Jess Ernst, Doylestown, PA

A man once wished for the ‘American Dream’
Wished for a better, fulfilling life
This man wanted instant wealth,
Power and respect

A man who once had everything
His world was all about business,
Making tons of money
Soong enough, he got too much green
Got too caught up in the wrongs
And soon, forgot about the important

Drunk himself to sleep
Spent all that he had left on the meaningless
Now, he’s got nothing more to his name
Than the city park bench,
And the paper that keeps him warm at night

His only thoughts now, consist of what seem like distant memories
Memories of how sky-high and powerful he once was
The thoughts pick at his mind,
Until he is almost faint from the feeling
He wonders ‘How did this happen,
What went wrong?’

He wakes up with the rain drumming down his aged face
He sits on the wet city park bench
Ponders awhile…
Images of his previous life rush through his mind,
Like a never-ending roller coaster ride,
There is no escape

He feels weary and pained…
He remembers his once perfect life,
His lush, new royal house
And stunning young wife

He remembers the day they all disappeared
He only wishes he could wake up from this horrifying nightmare
He has now become one of the ‘looked down upon’
Homeless, Useless, Penniless

He now realizes how wrong he was
Stealing from the poor
Who have no food nor housing
No proper medical care
Only to enrich himself,
He who needed nothing more

He was wealthy once,
Too rich, greedy even
Now he has come full circle
He knows he abused all that he was given
And now, to end up with nothing again

He thinks of the ‘American Dream’
How easy it sounded
The flawless affect
The infinites that he could reach

The ‘American Dream’;
Many strive for it
And only a few succeed,
But for most,
It only achieves self-destruction

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