Daddy, Did You Know?

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

She cried running after the man,
Running after nothing but a memory.
Would she learn?

Could this little girl understand,
why that man looked so familiar?
Did she see the similarities in the mirro?
She'd been a child when it happened,
When he'd run.
Ran away with the other woman.
When she grew up she knew,
she hated and distained.

Daughters fall in love with boy's like their fathers,
that what they say.
She didn't want that.
She didn't want that.
She wanted someone who'd lover till the end of her time.

On the other side of things,
That man regretted, true.
But did he understand?
What he'd put then through?
The grief he'd caused?

Says all they want him for is money,
well he should have thought,
he should have known.
What'd happen when he ran.

The anguish he'd put her through,
The things that happened to his children,
And what of the baby in her crib?
Did he ever think of it?

She wants him to pick her up,
to love her when times get rough.
When she first breaks up,
she wants a daddy.
To say his squishy and to love.
She just wanted her daddy,
to be there for once.

Now look at her,
Thirteen in a new age.
Did he notice the cuts,
the lines on her arms?
Not even in plain sight.
Did he notice that she cries,
herself to sleep at night?

Now she's under his roof,
trying so hards,
to prove that it wasn't her fault.
Did he know that?
Well Daddy, did he know?
Did he know that she's been drinking up a storm,
since she was eleven?
Did he know she doesn't believe in heaven?
Did he know she stole from stores?
And did he figure out that she hates it all?
Daddy, did you know?

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