Their pedantic majesty’s request

October 21, 2007
By Gray Akers, Herndon, VA

Their pedantic majesty’s request
Is not to linger there for those who twiddle thumbs.
Instead to shuffle, to invoke a life that is not the work of acid-dripped fairy tales.

But resisters, they absorb the value in ink-stained, nocturnal revelations.
They emerge from a breaking edge
And simmer in a revolutionary profusion.
A subculture, a community. No, a lifestyle.
Heads in the clouds; once, maybe.

But now, change is coming.
Now is not the means to wait.
Now denotes taking up everything you own
And throwing it away.

Erudition beckons you.

Don’t stray behind. Don’t trip forward.

Stand up straight and look your life in the eye.

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