June 2, 2010
By TaniaCinco GOLD, Anaheim, California
TaniaCinco GOLD, Anaheim, California
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Favorite Quote:
Out of every heart breaking expiriance you tranform into a whole different individual.

He painted memories in her soul
He used her body as a canvas
He used different ways to create patterns
He painted red lines in her back
Black spots in her face
Purple circles in her eyes
He reflected all he felt in her
She stood there without voice
For the art in her body told it all
She was now living with a pattern on her
That only reminded her of those fearful nightmares
Caused by the painter
Cause by the” so called” artist
Caused by the man who abused his power
She yelled so that someone would hear her
But it was no use she yelled silently
She cried so that maybe her tears would heal the bruises left in her eyes that now only reflected hate and sorrow
She locked her doors
And prayed so that he would never come in once more
So that he would never set hands on her
He opened her door and opened her insides once more
She ran to the closet and hid
He hit and wiped all that satisfied him
She was left on the ground
Lifeless, alone, hurt, destroyed
She was just a girl
Wanting to live life with high hopes
But a painter took her soul
And left paint splattered on the floor.

The author's comments:
(this is a poem that is tragical,but has a strong powerful meaning,like most of my writting, a message is brought out,hopefully to make people reflect or feel what the character in my story feels, i was inspired by a woman who i saw as i walked down an alley,she had a bruise her husband left her, that moment i was aggravated and wondered why would she let someone do that to her, so i decided to write as her point of view)

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