June 2, 2010
By kayana31 BRONZE, Amityville, New York
kayana31 BRONZE, Amityville, New York
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Imagine a life with an incomplete home, a life with a single mom but no dad to call on.

You wonder how someone could be so selfish and forget about their responsibilities.
Many days you just sit alone really sad and you grieve.

I wish you would stop popping in and out of my life, I put on a fake smile and pretend everything's all right.

But really it's not...

Watching your mom work two jobs is hard enough, there’s no time for weakness you have to be tough.

Working all day and all night just to make ends meet, never having time to rest always on her feet.

When the bills piled up, you were never there, so I wondered dad did u ever care?

Oh wait, I guess not, on the count of all the special occasions and birthdays you forgot.

Each year June 21 I tried to ignore, it was the same as each year before.
I wonder, what's wrong with me I know I’m far from perfect but I’m a good kid.
So what would make you want to walk out of my life like you did?

When I grow up and make something really great of myself, I’ll be able to smile knowing I succeeded without your help.

So dad, I know you weren’t really in my life but I thank you for teaching me my wrongs from my rights.

I really just don’t understand how you couldn’t step up to the plate and be a man.

Mom this poem is for you, the one who told me everything would be fine,
Who did everything you could to lead me through the darkest times.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because my mom has been a great role model for me and has been a single mom almost all of my life. She encourages me to work hard and I love her.

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