October 20, 2007
I am sorry, silence, for breaking you often.
I apologize to you great trees, for the very paper I write on, and desk I use.
My apologies to youth, I waste you from time,
And my apologies to time, for blaming you when you did nothing but what you are.
I am sorry mind, for leaving you be, without use, for so long.
I apologize to comfurt, for never recognizing and appreciating you.
I apologize to manners; I can be rude and burp, and stew.
My apologies to safety, I am reckless.
To Love: I don't believe in you.
Hope: You frighten me.
Life: At times I waste you on movies and T.V.
I never thanked you, kindness,
And I never helped help.
I never learned about you, knowledge.
I apologize for that.
I apologize to the dying and extinct animals, for not doing my part.
My apologies to the hurt and starved, I never even noticed the water and food, and clothes that I own.
I am sorry for all that I did,
And all that I did not do.
I'm sorry.

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