that one time when

June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

That one time when…

I remember that time when my heart fell to the ground
When it poured but it wasn’t rain
That time when I felt like I was in a dark cave and the only way out just closed up
When time froze like a broken clock

That one time when that down pour was my tears
When my heart hurt for days
That time when I was young
And the best thing in my world was being taken away from me

It was like taking a bottle from a crying baby
Or like a little kid that just dropped their ice cream on the ground
But maybe a hug or another ice cream could make them feel better
And then there are the situations that need more than that

That time when not even candy could cheer one up
Or a new pony wouldn’t do any good
When a second family goes to a far away land
And she has to say goodbye to her best friend… maybe forever

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