Simplicity of Life.

May 29, 2010
By Anonymous

As I look back, I think; 'Wow!'
My life was reallly perfect!
I had it all and most importantly I was happy, to a certain extent, yes..I did have it all.
But! that isnt all I see as I look back today; as I look back with a much broader horizon today, I see plently that I did'nt see then and realise all the hardships of life, that I didnt have the ability to recognise at a younger age.

As I look back to my 'perfect life', I acknowledge my child-like and ignorance, and my simplistic vision through rose tinted glasses.
So in reality; it's not the factor of having a perfect life. It's an individuals perspective.
Growing older has not moulded me into a pessimist, it's given me a clearer vision.

Now that I know what life is really about. I value life.

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