May 29, 2010
By hannahdabeast SILVER, Tampa, Florida
hannahdabeast SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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Do I look like somebody
Who prays to the sea?
When you move
It's like someone is singing to me.
Singing hymns to my eyes
To give thirst to my tongue
And drip honey
Down all up from heaven above.
With your skin so, so smooth
And your voice like sweet tea
In the shade, on the banks of the Mississippi.
With the oak trees all tall, and your lips all like that;
Gettin' plump when you readys,
When you angry, they flat.
You lay here with me,
We both wallow in sin.
And I know that saint Peter ain't lettin' us in!
The grass whispers to us
'Bout revelation and hell,
But nobody know 'bout
The stories we tell.
This feel so good,
But it gots to be wrong,
But when you look at me that way
You're singin' my song.
And your voice carries love
To my heart all day long.

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