Keep Trying

April 23, 2010
By mk5m1th BRONZE, South Rockwood, Michigan
mk5m1th BRONZE, South Rockwood, Michigan
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Patch it up, make it work, give it a tug, a bit of a jerk.
Let's grab some tape, maybe some glue, we'll grease the gears, and make it new.
Paint it red, throw green in too, and possibly a dash of blue.
It'll run like clockwork, just like it should, what should we use, paper, plastic, or wood?
Who really cares, just get it done, it's almost finished, we've had our fun.
Give it a jab, little bit of a poke, look here boys, a cloud of smoke.
Somewhat of a rumble, little bit of a clatter, as it started to rise they watched it shatter.
Such a sad sight to see, all that work gone to waste, but all they thought now was this called for more paste!

The author's comments:
Basically the point I'm trying to get across with this is that even if you do something and you fail or it doesn't work out and messes up somehow, if it's that important to you then keep trying no matter.

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