She's Nothing but Gone.

April 23, 2010
By jillbarrr SILVER, Bedford, Massachusetts
jillbarrr SILVER, Bedford, Massachusetts
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the people who are doing this have much to regret.
do they know the word stop? I need some respect.
I'm not very happy sometimes, I think this is why.
ever since that day, I've been starting to cry.
if you loved me you would take them away,
calling them names, does nothing but say..
"you can keep doing this, I don't really care,
as long as I'm here she won't go anywhere."
I think you should know that this will not work,
I'm definately not dumb & deserve alot more.
these immature games, have made you this way
I'll just pack up and go it's all a mistake.
wait, do they even know the meaning of friend?
they should be happy for you& stay till the end.
but I guess I was wrong about all these freshmen boys,
they're still very young and have very short poise.

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