hey my name is max

October 18, 2007
hey my namne is max
some people call me maxy
because when im older i want to drive a taxi
then have a dog named jim
and this dog would be a him
and when fat people would come in my car
i'll teach my dog to rawr
because i dont want some fatty
puttin a dent in my taxi
then i'd have to pay for the damage
and i'd rather buy a sandwich
with some cheese
thanks and please
^ be jealous.im such a gansta
but for right now im just here
in park city with the deer
going to middle school
ridin dirty like a fool
teachers are lame
homeworks the same
they give too much work
and think im a jerk
but hey!
im not.
im just a pimp.
so dont be hatin on me
im max not mac with a "c"
you read the start
now here is the finish
lifes a rollercoaster
you cant be squemish

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