The "Tail" of the Leopard

October 18, 2007
Mom, come quick!
There’s a leopard in my room…
With a longing in his eyes—

He wants to eat me, I assume.

Mom, it’s true!
I promise I’m not lying…
Don’t you want to haste and hurry,

to save your child from her dying?

Mom, he’s big!
With a plan just brewing up in there…
A plan to slowly chew my toes—

and end up swallowing my hair!

Mom, oh please!
He’s licking his lips and breathing my scent—
creeping under my bed;

crawling right past my vent!

Mom, I swear!
It’s not just in my head,
that a leopard is snarling,

and causing pure dread!

Mom, you must!
Don’t you even care?
About this gruesome fate,

served so juicy and so rare?

Mom, he’s here!
Ready for a meal!
If you come right this second—

you could maybe strike a deal…

Mom, oh no!
I’m frozen on the spot,
so much for protection…

A pillow’s all I got!

I’m sorry I even mentioned!—
Oh…hi, mom…

You were paying attention?

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