If my love was a...

May 28, 2010
By Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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Babe if my heart was a fire,
You would be able to see it burn,
In flames of passion when you are near.
And you would see the flames ignite my soul

If my heart was a poem you,
Would hear the and read the words.
That are written on it telling you,
How much I love you.

If my heart was a piece of music,
It would be dedicated to you,
And be a piece of love,
Passion and desire.

If my heart was a piece of glass,
You would see it sparkle and shine,
Like the stars that are in your eyes.

But my heart is none of these things,
And all I can do is tell you how much I love you,
But you already know,
How much I love you,
For you see my heart.

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