What is a Man?

October 18, 2007
By Kristin Calder, Lathrup Village, MI

When a little girl,
looks up at that figure,
who’s always been stronger;
who’s always been bigger…
She is not searching,
for muscles or for fame—
because the only movie star worth chasing…
has “daddy” for a name.
When she’s picked up and swung around,
or stops for ice cream despite the plan;
when her daddy’s there to supervise—
to her—that’s a man.

When a preteen is busy,
figuring life out—
her dad is always close by,
watching over without a doubt.
During this time,
new interests emerge—
but talents cost money…
thus starting “the splurge”.
Instruments and sports,
new clothes for it all—
Dad never puts her down,
he’s always there to call.
She’ll later realize her luck—
with that indecisive time span,
he never once seemed disappointed…
to her—that’s a man.

The brand new teenager,
thinks she’s as wise as can be,
direction is unnecessary-
there’s no need to oversee.
Her dad could embarrass her,
so easily in front of her friends,
he COULDN’T bother her those times-
or it’d definitely be the end.
Looking back, her snootiness,
could test the patience span,
but her dad accepted the teenage mind…
to her—that’s a man.

A high schooler now—
her mind is more mature,
she still is learning everyday;
she still needs strength to reassure.
Her dad who works,
to enable her dreams,
with a Christian school and skating,
and support for all her sports teams.
Not only with a career,
whenever he comes home,
he works to pure perfection—
like on props made of foam. J
Always so humble,
she now can understand…
of the diligence he has—
to her—that’s a man.

Gazing at her father,
she’s still not looking for Brad Pitt,
but for a man who treasures his family,
who she knows will never quite.
If she sees him surrender to the King,
if he knows how it all began,
if she sees him down on bended knee-
to her—that’s a man.

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