Childhood Memories

May 28, 2008
I remember when I was a kid
Playing outside with my friends
Whether it’s raining or snowing
We would play kickball, baseball, basketball
There’s no end to what we did
We amused ourselves with just a ball
We entertained ourselves with just a piece of chalk
We would make up random games at the bus stop
Then after school, drop our bags and go to the park
We would swing like we could reach the sun
We would play outside day and night
Those were the good times
When we were active and free
Now when I peer through my window,
It’s an empty street
Kids these days don’t play outside the way we use to
They became lazy and inactive
Who’s to blame?
New technology? The media that enforced fear?
Either way kids these days are not the way we use to be
We were so innocent back then
In today’s society, kids know everything
They aren’t afraid to say anything
Kids today are different from when I was a kid
I wonder how kids would be like in just another decade

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