Can't Touch Me

May 27, 2008
By Andrzej Kukulka, Fenton, MO

Ready to go? this show
this flow and no mow
here I go for all I know
I'll spit it, I'll fit it,
you get it, can't spit it

what next, the question by which I am most vexed
a message texted
check-mate, a bound fate
can't relate so you just hate
and now me for bait, allow me to re-alliterate

Go, you know I'll rock this show
trounce this flow, askin for mow
Sure to deliver, call me the giver
rhymes to make you shiver,
just speaking how I know,
flow fast, or flow slow
quick and thick, something to make you sick
A gift like Old saint nick

So here's the deal,
you gotta feel, you gotta know, you gotta grow
been so high, I've been so low,
livin' a lie, wonderin' why,
cried, denied, tried, always defied
but to grind on down to the bone
I hope you take what I have shown
never to give in, I do nothing but win
any day, any time, any rhyme, any line
don't think you got the strength to face
my time, not yours to waste
so here's the challenge,
try and shift the balance
you ain't got the beat
so here comes the heat
Number one on the hot sheet
like fresh meat, simply defeat,
living is an earned treat,
no loss, my own boss, so count the cost,
my thought occurs, fire my words
reload the verb, spray down the herb

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