Beloved Earth

May 21, 2010
Going green is not that hard to do
You can save energy and some money too.
Just make sure that you do your part
Saving the plant is really smart.
You can use less pressure in your shower
Of you can even plant a flower.
When you leave a room, take out the plugs
Don’ts use plastic bottles, use some mugs.
Always use recycled things
Get natural water from the springs.
Borrow things instead of buying
Hang your clothes outside for drying.
You can try carpooling to school
It will take up a lot less fuel.
You may also help maintain our land
Help clean up trash in the sand.
Whenever you can you should walk
Bring a friend and you can talk.
When your done don’t throw your things away
Someone can use them another day.
If you don’t believe in global warming
You’ll be in shock because it’s forming.
The ozone layer is decreasing
From all the toxins we are releasing.
You can help especially in your community
By forming together to make unity.
Stay away from making pollution
And you can help with our solution.
Our earth is something to love
Our earth is something that is beloved.

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