May 20, 2010
By Alexa_Franzini BRONZE, Boothwyn, Pennsylvania
Alexa_Franzini BRONZE, Boothwyn, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm so far away, but not far from home. 'Cause home's not just a place you dwell in; it's also the feeling you get when you talk to that someone on the phone."

Her life has become a story,
Straight from a fiction book.
You'd think I meant a fairytale,
But take a closer look.

A single scar on her arm lies bold and blunt,
How did it get there?
Deep inside, I know you know.
The question is - do you care?

This lie has been alive too long.
Her laugh's as fake as her smile.
She'd love to finally come clean,
But she's lost in the infidelity and denial.

She so desperately wants someone to know,
Though she'll never tell a soul.
But every day of this secrecy
Is taking, on her, a monstrous toll.

Her faith lies in no one, not even herself.
What kind of life is this?
Maybe one day she'll be awoken,
By her Prince Charming's kiss.

Why yes, that's it - it's all a dream.
That's the only explanation.
She's so amazed at this reality,
There's no words to describe the elation.

HA. Wrong. Who'd believe that?
Not this girl, of course.
She believes in next-to-nothing.
Barely remaining a part of God's force.

She hates you and me, and everyone.
Why? She has so much going for her.
She wouldn't know; doesn't care.
Her life is one big blur.

She wants no attachment to anyone,
Though love is what she needs.
There is one guy she has her eye on,
But he'd have to take the lead.

She'll sit back and pop a pill,
She doesn't even care.
This girl is disintegrating, along with her will.
She just wants someone to say, "I'll always be there."

The author's comments:
This was written at a very dark time in my life, and I'm glad to say I no longer know "This girl."

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