May 26, 2008
By Kimberly Phillips, West Des Moines, IA

take me back
back to the arms of one i will never hold

take me back to chocolate eyes
the eyes that catch my own
when my limbs give way
eyes that save me from myself
and the truth i've pushed aside

take me back to the lips
that speak beauty to my soul
the lips that taunt,
that give false hope to my troubled heart

my troubled heart sits alone
on a shelf in my mind
next to my silence
and trust that will survive

i will survive. alone.

i want your spirit




i will never have the spirit of a lover
i will never have the heart of a soulmate
only the touch of your hand as you kiss my fingers and walk away

take me back
back to the arms of one i will never hold
the arms that push me forward
causing me to forget the weights at the end of my feet
the arms that convince even me, there could be hope through this hazy light

the colors of our world enterwined
a picture taken in my mind
your savory brown eyes
your rich inviting lips
and my blood red tears falling
into the arms of one i will never hold

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